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Bringing super-fast broadband to Perthshire

Perthshire broadband

About the project

Perthshire Broadband is a community focused broadband solution serving the parts of rural Perthshire not covered by other broadband technologies. Services are delivered using line-of-sight radio technology which doesn’t require phone lines, and isn’t susceptible to the issues of distance and signal-loss seen with conventional broadband solutions.

Our network incorporates the original Highland Perthshire Communities Partnership network, together with serveral other self-funded networks around Perthshire.

The Perthshire Broadband service is operated by Scotnet. We are one of Scotland’s longest established ISPs. We have been delivering broadband services since 2001, through a mixture of fibre, copper and radio technologies. We have operated the UK’s largest radio broadband service since 2005, and have a long and successful track record in bringing broadband to rural Scotland.


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